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The Montra Nivesha team is strongly committed to a plastic-free Cambodia and are proud to say that our property is 90% plastic free. We are able to achieve this by using a sophisticated water purification system that allows us to provide drinking water from separate taps in the rooms of the new wing. Standard tap water in Cambodia is not suitable for drinking, which is what drives such a huge (mis) use of single-use plastic bottles that find their way into landfill sites, the oceans, and indeed the side of the roads. We use refillable glass bottles in all the rooms, and do not use any other plastic drinks containers anywhere in the hotel.
Plastic straws are also no longer used in our bar and restaurant areas, replaced with bamboo straws sourced from a local supplier. Any plastic straws we happen to come across, we also collect these and donate to the nearby village of Thmout Chroum. The children here use them to make jewelry.

We are not perfect, but we are striving to be 100% plastic free, our last in-house challenge is to eliminate the behind-the-scenes use of plastic containers used for commercial cleaning products.

We are also proud to be part of #refillnotlandfill, a Cambodian travel business initiative that is fast-growing and expanding countrywide and all throughout Southeast Asia. In a concerted effort to reduce and eliminate the use of single-use plastic bottles, upon arrival all our guests are given as a gift a refillable stainless steel drinking bottle for use during their time in Cambodia and beyond. There are numerous refill stations all across town that our guests can use free of charge.

Furthermore our water heater is a state-of-the-art solar powered system which reduces our energy use and carbon footprint considerably, as well as delivering hot water all day every day without fail.

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At Montra Nivesha we go even further and collect used plastic bottles from our guests with a recycle bin situated in our reception area. We then distribute these used bottles to various local enterprises to be recycled. Additionally, all our guests are also given a “Sustainable Travel Kit” on arrival. This consists of a bag made from recycled flour sacks, sourced from Genevieve’s which is a fair-trade marketplace for artisans and craftspeople with disabilities to sell their products. The gifts we provide inside the bag consist of a bamboo straw, chopsticks, and a fork and spoon all made from palm wood. These are also sourced locally from a family selling their produce next to Prasat Kravan temple. We encourage our guests to carry these around with them and use instead of the single-use plastic alternatives they may be offered throughout their trip. For more information please go to Facebook:


Among our dedicated staff, we are proud to organize a three-times-weekly “Redd Day” whereby in a cooperative effort among all departments, we clean and beautify the area surrounding the property, not only for ourselves but also to improve conditions for the immediate local community. We have also invested a significant amount of our own money to improve the drainage for the whole road outside the hotel, as well as for the new surface. We also regularly join other local businesses in a cooperative effort to keep the Siem Reap River clean, and we also join in the regular tree planting efforts along both sides of the river to further enhance the beauty of our vicinity.

We have also been a crucial supporter of Yosothor for many years and continue to do so with sustainable monthly donations. Yosothor is a non-government organization dedicated to supporting and sustaining Khmer culture and heritage in the form of anthropology, archaeology and architecture. Established by eminent Professor Ang Choulean, one of the foremost scholars on Khmer civilization, Yosothor publishes Khmer Renaissance annually, as well as organizes talks and conferences. Montra Nivesha has teamed up with Yosothor to offer some unique insights and experiences for visitors wanting to gain a deeper insight into Khmer culture and heritage.

Professor Ang Choulean

Professor Ang Choulean has kindly made himself and his eminent colleague Sophearith Siyonn available for exclusive experiences in conjunction with our travel partners, including customized half-day tours of key temples such as Angkor Thom and Bayon or Angkor Wat. National Museum Director Vireak Kong is also one of the supporting members of Yosothor and is available to lead a director’s tour of the National Museum’s finest pieces for special interest groups or organisations. Other customized experiences are also available such as lunch or dinner in the company of an expert in Siem Reap.
Professor Ang Choulean and his team of experts are keen to engage with our guests at Montra Nivesha to assist in fundraising for Yosothor and its objectives to support and nurture the on-going Khmer cultural renaissance after three decades of devastation. Professor Ang Choulean has made a significant contribution to the reconstruction of Cambodian culture and to the preservation and restoration of its ancient monuments.

He studied in France and returned to Cambodia in 1989, taking up a teaching post at the Royal University of Fine Arts when it reopened. He was appointed Director of the Department of Culture and Monuments at APSARA in Siem Reap, which is responsible for the Angkor Monuments. He has authored many books and articles on Cambodian history and culture and was the recipient of the 2011 Fukuoka Grand Prize for outstanding contributions to the preservation and creation of Asian culture.
Sophearith Siyonn was a Fulbright Fellowship recipient with studies at University of California
at Berkeley. He has lectured at the University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh since 2009, as well
as consulting for the World Bank and European Union, can speak four languages and is a
published author.

For more information please go to http://www.yosothor.org/